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I can see all the people before me; going about their daily business.  This tour has brought them back to life.  "They live again!"  None can live twice , in Trinity you can!


A very interesting tour. It is only when you talk with the locals that you really get a glimpse of how life used to be.  Coming from a place so unlike here, it is great to hear all the stories. Thanks!


A great glimpse of the life before, lurking under the grass and under the waves.

A really interesting tour led by someone who obviously loves the place. 


Fabulous tour - very knowledgeable! It's amazing to imagine how people lived.

No doubt informative to no end. It surely added a lot to our visit to Newfoundland.


Very, very interesting. Thank you.  Great overview of the history and interesting stories.


I was impressed with the local stories.  It is rewarding to get an inside view of the history.


A wonderful way to learn about the history of Trinity.  Extremely well done!


We appreciate your thorough research and the love of Trinity in your stories.

The most comprehensive and well documented of all the tours we have been exposed to on our trip over a wide range in Newfoundland.


 Words cannot express our appreciation of this morning's tour.