A visit to Newfoundland is incomplete without visiting historic Trinity, the jewel of Newfoundland tourism.  For over 400 years Trinity was one of the most important fishing and merchant centres in the New Found LandeAs a result, the town has nearly 500 years of well documented industrial, military, and social history which mirrors the history of Newfoundland.

To get a true feeling for Trinity and its past join me, Kevin Toope,  for a two hour historical walk along the scenic paths and streets of the town.  Enroute, I will relate stories from diaries, court records, and burial records, detailing past crimes and punishments, unusual deaths, tragic shipwreaks, and disasters.

I will show you historic photos from Trinity's past from the vantage points of the original photographers. You can compare them with the Trinity of today.  You will learn about the people's of Trinity's past; the Beothuk Indians, the French, the Irish, and the English and the contributions they made to it's rich history.

"Trinity's story will appeal to all of your emotions"